Brutally Local Dinner Hosts Brutally Local Breakfast In Mitte

May 2, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Frühstück 3000, Nobelhart & Schmutzig

frühstück 3000Frühstück 3000, new gourmet breakfast project has surfaced in a pop up form at the brutally local Mitte high ender, Nobelhart & Schmutzig. Unclear exactly who is at the helm of this project, but it seems as though the Nobelhart crew is testing the waters of the gourmet breakfast game. Naturally this project continues to carry the Brutally Local banner of its first generation forefathers, and has already mounted two events including one sold out breakfast this past weekend. Along with a schedule synchronized with bespoke pricing, it looks like Nobelhart is looking to diversify their originally rigid credo where ever they are able, but without abandoning their core righteous beliefs. No word on when the next showing will be, whether Früstück 3000 will stay at Nobelhart, or whether it will continue towards a shop. More on the story as it develops.

Friedrichstr. 218

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