Panko Crumb Asparagus Burger W/ Prosciutto!! The Daily Dish Is In!

April 29, 2019|Awards

Moabit- Pound & Pence

pound & penceThe Daily Dish is in over at Pound & Pence, the Arminius Markthalle burger stall over in Moabit. In honour Spargel Zeit all of Berlin has been going wild for the euphemistically phallic vegetable. As one of Berlin’s leading food trends, the time has come to put together the mighty burger trend, and the classic asparagus movement. For today’s Daily Dish we got the Asparagus Burger, Panko Breaded with Garlic Mayonnaise, and an option of Parma Ham for when you need that meat. Rumour has it that you may be able to find P&P’s output in some addresses. But nothing is confirmed as of yet.  More on the story as it develops. The Daily Dish is in Moabit! Go Eat That Now!!!

Arminiusstraße 2-4

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