Chicago Style & Pineapple Sour Dough! Two Pizza Events Not To Miss

February 5, 2019|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln- Smash’d, Gazzo Pizza

chicago styleComing up over in Prenzlauer Berg we got a repeat of The Deep Dish Pizza event going down later this week. The deal is that the little caterer, bakery set up, Smash’d, had a killer run selling out Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizzas a few months back and have decided to bring the caper back to life. Starting on Thursday and going through to Saturday they are going to be hawking some deep dish pies on pre-order only! Check it out here.

Coming up down in Neukölln we got the newest Berlin addition to the Neapolitan style pizza shop trend, Gazzo Pizza doing a true blue go fuck yourself event. The joint that opened up late last year has decided to put up a big middle finger to the pizza purists and are producing a Pineapple Pizza Event entitled Fuck Tha Pizza Police. The deal is, you guessed it, Pineapple Pizza with Lambrusco, unlimited at twenty bucks a pop entrance fee. That “Tha” is not a typo, though the reasoning behind the spelling alteration remains somewhat vague. Check it out here.

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