All You Can Eat Dumplings, Angus Beef, Boat Noodles: Events Of The Week

February 4, 2019|Events

Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg- Boat 36, Made In China, Geist Im Glas, Beereau, Motif Wein, An + Co, Arabica, Odefey & Tochter

all you can eatComing up tonight over at the newest venture from Khwan founder, is Boat 36 who is hosting a new Boat Noodle Pop Up entitled Bloody Monday over at Kreuzberg’s Geist Im Glas. Check it out here.

Coming up tonight and tomorrow over at Prenzlauer Berg‘s few month old Chinese shop Made In China with an All You Can Eat Dumpling & Noodle Event in honor of the Chinese New Year. Lots of different offerings, Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over at Mitte we got a Black Cow grill event hosted by Beereau supplied by Haveland Meat and Sausages from Angus Beef. Check it out here.

On Wednesday over at Motif Wein, we got another Dumpling night where An + Co will be hosted with their classic pork dumplings served in a vinegar & chili sauce to bring in the new year! Made from scratch & to be enjoyed with some cracking natural wines. Check it out here

On Friday over at Arabica, the European flagship Japanese coffee chain will be hosting a Ramen Night over at their Kreuzberg shop in collaboration with chicken producers Odefey & Tochter. Check it out here.

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