Boat Noodle Shop Tests The Water With First Event In Neukölln

January 28, 2019|Gossip

Neukölln- Boat Thirty Six, Geist Im Glas

boat noodle shopBoat Thirty Six, new project from the creator of popular Thai BBQ joint Khwan just announced their first official event. Coming up next week, Boat Thirty Six Noodle shop, a husband and wife team operation will be doing their Bangkok style Boat Noodle shop at Neukölln’s Geist Im Glas. Unfortunately they will be minus one half of the duo as she is still in Thailand doing research at her family boat noodle shop in Bangkok, so the other “mom” of the “mom and pop shop” will be the current head chef at Khwan. Menu will include Beef Flank Satay with pickles, “Boat noodles” with pig parts, Tom Yum with langoustine tails and a twenty one day Dry Aged Beef flank from Kumpel & Keule. Hand made coconut cream for the satay, traditional pork ball and pork skin making methods and hand roll and cut egg noodles for the boat noodles. A big prep it seems for a potential brick and mortar shop, or maybe even a boat on a river? Time will tell. Mr. Eatler knows… some things.

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