Japanese Home Food, House Of Hummus, Churros: Weekend Events

January 25, 2019|Events

Neukölln, Mitte- Mobile Izakaya, Gordon’s, El Colmado, ostPost

japanese home foodDown in Neukölln tonight we got a Mobile Izakaya event called Japanese Home Food and Japanese 80’s Music hosted at Oblomov dive bar and performance venue. Check it out here.

Tomorrow night down in Neukölln over at your local hummus and vinyl shop we got The House Of Hummus down at Gordon’s. Starting at 12 pm with a special all-day brunch and DJ line up. Check it out here.

On Sunday over in Mitte we got a Choclolate Con Churros event just off of Alexander Platz, El Colmado. Pretty straight forward here, Chocolate with Churros. Check it out here.

On Sunday we got the Indonesian Pop Up Eatery over in Mitte‘s ostPost who will be hosting Kakatua. On the offer will be Nasi Bakar steamed coconut rice wrapped in banana leafs and grilled as well as Soto Ayam, a Chicken Bone broth cooked with various spices, noodles and other goodies. Check it out here.

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