Important Demonstration For Socially Conscious Gastro Community

January 25, 2019|Gossip

Die Gemeinschaft

importantThis past week saw the return of the somewhat dormant community of local high end restaurateurs along with local farmers and food suppliers. Die Gemeinschaft, a socially conscious organization of Berlin high enders like Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Horvath among others participated in a demonstration this past weekend to fight for agricultural policies, that fight for good and sustainable food, and support of small agriculture. Very important stuff. The original letter stating the official position of Die Gemeinschaft came out over a year ago and since then there has been little public action from the group. Exactly what is in the future for the community and in which direction they will take Die Gemeinschaft is still unclear, but undoubtedly they will let the gastro world know. More on the story as it develops.

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