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January 23, 2019|Reviews

Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln, Wedding- Maison Umami, Flying Monkey, 21 Gramm, Sotto

Kreuzberg- Maison Umami got a write up from TIP Berlin for their third shop down in Kreuzberg and while they were tongue cheekily admonished for their Lamp Heavy decor, basically got a solid write up. Odd, since they are also due to open up a new joint in Friedrichshain, will the lamps be ubiquitous as well???? Time will tell. Check out the full post here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Flying Monkey, the Chinese, Cantonese Dim Sum shop over on Kastanienallee got a mixed bag from Berliner Zeitung, who as usual pontificated on the realities of Berlin life, a then and now perspective. Check it out here.

Neukölln- 21 Gramm, seven month old cafe down in an old church on Hermannstr. got a love letter feature from I Heart Berlin, and They Hearted 21 Gramm. Check it out here.

Wedding- Sotto, the Finnish, Italian all veggie pizza shop up in Wedding that opened up a couple of months back got much love in a short write up from ExBerliner. Check it out here.

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