Glimmers Of Gastronomy Roots At Mitte Based Cocktail Bar

January 23, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Mr. Susan

glimmersMr. Susan, the higher end craft cocktail bar that opened up this past year over on Mitte‘s Oranienburgerstr. strip is showing minimal signs of bringing back some of their gastro roots. The cocktail bar that is the baby of, Mr. Susan, a well known and long standing Berlin based Korean-American-German cuisine Pop Upper surprisingly opened up with out kitchen program, much to Mr. Eatler’s chagrin. However the powers that be assured Mr. Eatler that food will likely be in the future of the institution some how. Last night was a clear step in that direction, as the bar was closed for an event which featured some of those nostalgic Mr. Susan wares. Unclear what will be the future, but its nice to see glimmers of the past. More on the story as it develops.

Krausnickstr. 1

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