Mapo Tofu, Frijoles Charros, Chicken Burgers: Events Of The Week!!

January 22, 2019|Events

Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte- Motif Wein, Companion Coffee, Ma-Makan, Piri’s, Radler’s, Tentacion Mezcalothek, Volk

mapo tofuComing up tonight we got a Mapo Tofu Pop Up being hosted over at Kreuzberg’s Motif Wein. The deal is a Sichuan style tofu dish and they will be offering three different varieties at about 10 bucks a pop. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over at Kreuzberg‘s Companion Coffee who are hosting the second round of the Ma-Makan Pop Up who will be offering another Laksa Soup event after they had a successful run a month ago. This one will be a Nyonya Curry Laksa which consists of a spicy coconut served with thick rice noodles, prawns, tofu, egg, cucumber and a spicy homemade Sambal chilli paste. Check it out here.

Coming up Thursday in Kreuzberg is the return of the longstanding Piri’s chicken sandwich makers who are returning to former stomping grounds after they closed down their shop about half a year ago. They’ll be at Radler’s and will be keeping it simple, that means only chicken burgers this time. They promise cheesesteak burgers in future events. Check it out here.

Also on Thursday over in Friedrichshain we got the Frijoles Charros event from Tentacion Mezcalothek. Pretty simple concept here, Mexican pinto bean stew. You would think these people would try harder to talk about there event, but nope… Check it out here.

On Friday we got Volk Oyster Bar throwing their official opening party for their new Mitte joint. Not much other info here, but presumably there will be some oysters. Check it out here.

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