Grilled Tuna Skyr Fitness Bowl: The Daily Dish Is In!!!

January 14, 2019|Awards

Wilmersdorf- Lash

fitness bowlThe Daily Dish is in over at LASH, new low carb cafe over in Wilmersdorf that opened up earlier this summer making all of the Berlin ketones sing for joy. Normally the Daily Dish is reserved for the more glutonous indulgences in our fare Berlin food scene, however for today’s dish is we got an item geared perfectly for new year resolution followers called The Fitness Bowl. For the people with all the best intentions in mind. For about ten bucks a pop we got a Protein Bomb Red Lentil Base, Sunflower Seed Crusted Egg with a Grilled Tuna and Spinach Salad and a side of Skyr Dressing. Order the bowl and get free bottle of health conscious beverage. The Daily Dish is in Wilmersdorf! The Daily Dish is good for you!! Go Eat That Now!!

Esenzahnstr. 14 


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