NgoKimPak, Gazzo, Prism: Reviews Of The Week

January 11, 2019|Gossip

Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg- NgoKimPak, Gazzo Pizza, Prism

ngokimpakCharlottenburg- NgoKimPak, the new Buns and Bowls joint from the KantstrassenMafia Don, Duc Ngo got a nice write up from Mit Vergnügen who were particularly pleased with the Bibimbap as well as the history of the name and creation. Check it out here.

Neukölln- Gazzo Pizza, few month old high end sour dough pizza shop got some love from Berlin Loves You. Particularly fond of the German/Neapolitan mixture, the thing that really knocked their sox off was the Buffalo Milk Ice Cream. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Prism, new fine dining Levantine molecular joint got some double love from TIP Berlin who gave a nice little writeup and also got a much more in depth write up from Berliner Zeitung, who still manages to spend a good third of the article covering some metaphorical house keeping. An overall glower, from the aesthetic, to the flavour. Kudos for the Russian Gym metaphor. Check it out here.

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