Asian Sika Venison Meatball Sub! The Daily Dish Is In!!!

January 8, 2019|Awards

Moabit- Pound & Pence

sika venison The Daily Dish is in over at Pound & Pence, new burger joint opened up earlier this summer at the Arminius Markthalle in Moabit. For today’s Daily Dish we got the Sika Venison Meatball Sub! This comes as special from the burger maker and is the second part of a three part series on Venison. The meat is from a Sika Venison which is a special Asian bread that is reared here in Germany. Due to its smaller size it has bit of a different flavour profile than the standard version of Venison you are used to. Thirteen bucks a pop for this elegant looking high end take on a classic. The Daily Dish is in Moabit!!! Go Eat That Now!!

Arminiusstraße 2-4

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