Brasserie Opens Quitely In Char-burg Sculpture Garden Foundry

January 8, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Bar Brass

brasserieBar Brass, new French brasserie type resto opened up their doors recently and while the information on the joint is still a bit soft it seems like a pretty serious shop. It looks like they opened up earlier last month but are keeping their output quite limited as there has been no official notice of any kind of event. They are listed as Berlin Restaurant, Modern French Cuisine, and are located at a new Sculpture Centre from the Fine Art Foundry Hermann Noack in Charlottenburg. The whole region is part of Berlin’s newest troubled development centre, Am Spreebord. Without a doubt the location is geared for the expected influx of dining public into the region and visitors to the sculpture garden and certainly keeping brasserie hours, from 10am to Midnight. More on the story as it develops, but it certainly looks like an interesting destination.

Am Spreebord 9

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