Second Time’s A Charm For “Slamlord” Brunch Pop Up

January 7, 2019|Gossip

Neukölln- The Last Morning On Earth, Prachtwerk

slamlordThe Last Morning On Earth, brunch event pop up is coming from the former owner in charge of California Breakfast Slam. The founding CabSlam band member and “Slamlord” colorfully describes his journey from the “tyranny of running-your-own-restaurant-and-have-no-life hell, exiled onto catering island… now making some weekend brunch runs at the venerable museum-like atmosphere of Prachtwerk.” What does all this mean? In plain English, a new weekend brunch pop up run will go down later this month at Prachtwerk, the Neukölln based art/music cafe, and every following Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future. This event tried to lift off the ground a few months back, but was unfortunately delayed due to matters beyond the owner’s control. Mr. Eatler is crossing antlers that the event crosses the finish line this time around.

Ganghoferstr. 2

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