Potato Rösti Cheddar Bacon Burger!! The Daily Dish Is In!!!

January 7, 2019|Awards

Prenzlauer Berg- Muse

potatoThe Daily Dish is in over at Muse, the comfort food joint that has been going strong up in Prenzlauer Berg for the last five years. For today’s Daily Dish we got the Tobi’s Hangover Burger. This bad boy is comprised of Fried Egg, Potato Rösti, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and of course, THE BEEF all on a Sesame Seed Bun with French Fries! According to the Muse this burger is “Guaranteed to wipe away the last vestiges of the night before.” About eleven bucks a pop for this Hangover Helper. The Daily Dish is in Prenzlauer Berg!! Go Eat That Now!!!

Immanuelkirchstrasse 31

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