Eleven Berlin Restaurants Due To Open In The Near Future: Knocked Up!!

January 7, 2019|Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg, Neukölln- 26 Shibuya, Boat 36, Tupac Berlin, Kreuz & Kümmel, Khao Taan, MADO, Hako Ramen, Yuumi, Tatas

knocked26 Shibuya, new Japanese restaurant is knocked up over in one of Prenzlauer Berg’s more famous gastronomy strips, Kastanienallee. Read More

Vegan Korean Restaurant revealed by the Tip Line to be knocked up and in gestation over on Kollwitzplatz. Read More

Boat 36, new project from the creator of popular Thai BBQ joint Khwan is starting to take shape and should be on the scene by spring time. Read More

Tupac Berlin, the new Peruvian joint currently under wraps down in Kreuzberg just let slide the opening dates of the new shop. Coming up in the second week of the new year. Read More

Kreuz & Kümmel, the Indo Euro fusion joint up in Prenzlauer Berg that has been getting some extra attention over the last few weeks from the Berlin gastro realm is venturing into some new territories coming up early next year. Read More

Khao Taan, long time Berlin Thai street food presence as well as caterer is moving into the brick and mortar game. The word is that they will soon open up a small fine dining shop over in Friedrichshain. Read More

MADO, Turkish resto chain is scheduled to open up their new shop over in Charlottenburg coming up in about two months. Read More

Gastropub was spotted under wraps and revealed on the Tip Line. The Neukölln location is on the corner of Karl Marxstr. and Weichselstr. Read More

Hako Ramen, traditional Japanese leaning ramen joint based out of Freidrichshain’s Boxhagener Platz, that opened up a little over a year ago is expanding quickly with another shop over in Prenzlauer BergRead More

Construction pictures emerge on the YUUMI Yoshoku Restaurant that up until recently had only been a vague notion of a possible Yoshoku shop in town. Read More.

Tatas, popular Waffle Ice Cream purveyors are settling down on a rooted location in Kreuzberg. The seller has been active on the street food/Markthalle 9. Read More.

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