Night Club Hosts New Year’s Party For Gastro Community

January 4, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Bricks

night clubBricks, the Mitte based night club, seldom mention in the Berlin gastronomy circles is hosting a New Year’s party for Berlin’s gastronomy folks one week in to the new year entitled, Gastro Silvester. The logic here is that since restaurant people are usually all working on the actual new year then they need a party one week after. Ten bucks a pop for entrance with a promise to have some cheap booze on the offer. On a personal note, Mr. Eatler speaks with a copious amount of restaurateurs every day, and maybe he is wrong, but it seems to him like the last thing a restaurant owner wants to do is spend more time with other restaurateurs. (apologies for the third person narrative, its a fourth wall thing) Nevertheless, everybody, even restaurant people need to blow off some steam.

Mohrenstr. 30

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