Great British Fry Up, Berlin style! Butcher Starts 2019 Hard

January 3, 2019|Gossip

Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln- Sausage Man Never Sleeps, Santa Cantina, Geist Im Glas, Mikkeler, St. Bart’s

great britishThe hardest working man in the Berlin meat game proves yet again that you don’t mess with the Sausage Man, because that Sausage Man… he don’t sleep. Sausage Man Never Sleeps, the underground Berlin butcher who has been consistently putting up solid collaborations for the last couple of years just announced their new series for the beginning of 2019. Every weekend this January Sausage Man will be doing a Fry Up brunch collaboration with one killer joint after another presenting meat filled breakfast to Berliners in homage to the popular British movement known as The Fry Up Police. On the docket are Santa Cantina in Friedrichshain, Geist Im Glas in Neukölln, Mikkeler in Mitte, and finally St. Bart’s in Kreuzberg, each one with their own unique take on the classic meat filled Fry Up. The events are due to highlight some of the butcher’s disdain for new year’s diet resolution and introduce The Great British Fry Up, Berlin style!

Sausage Man Fry Ups

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