Indo Euro Goes Food Truck For New Year Adventures

December 28, 2018|Gossip, Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- Kreuz & Kümmel, Indbiss

indo euroKreuz & Kümmel, the Indo Euro fusion joint up in Prenzlauer Berg that has been getting some extra attention over the last few weeks from the Berlin gastro realm is venturing into some new territories coming up early next year. The word on the street is that the owner and head chef of the joint is putting together a street food like food truck to join the Berlin street food band wagon. Seems like the name of the new project will be Indbiss and will feature some of the same style cuisine that is so popular at the parent joint Kreuz & Kümmel. Looking like they are aiming for late January, but more on the story as it develops.

Christburger Str. 13

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