Bone Marrow Oxtail Confit!! The Daily Dish Is In!!!

December 28, 2018|Awards

Mitte- To The Bone

bone marrowGranted we have already had one Daily Dish today, but since it has been a relatively slow holiday week for the world of Berlin restaurant news, and for Mr. Eatler as well, here is another Daily Dish to last you through the new year. The Daily Dish is in over at Mitte‘s meat centric Italian meat culture joint To The Bone. This nose to tail butchery resto has been in the game for a little over a year and a half and has been winning fans for their carnivore styles. For this dish we got the Bone Marrow, Oxtail Confit and Crostini at a cool 15 bucks a pop. Yes, Bone Marrow is an acquired taste, and Mr. Eatler had acquired it long ago and many times since. The Daily Dish is in Mitte! Go Eat That Now!

Torstr. 96

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