Restaurant Agrees To Change Name After Gastro V. Gastro Lawsuit

December 21, 2018|Gossip

Wedding- PAHR, Baldon

lawsuitPAHR, now called Baldon, the new Wedding based restaurant is celebrating a bitter sweet holiday season due to some contentious ice cream makers. The deal is that PAHR was forced to change their name due to a lawsuit by a Prenzlauer Berg ice cream maker with a similarly named shop. After trying to compromise with the other party by amending their name to something similar to what they already have, coming up with an amenable solution, their efforts were rebuked, likely due to some litigious lawyerism out there. Nevertheless the new restaurant, which seems to be quite a different concept than than the ice cream shop, settled on the name of Baldon and are moving forward with an official opening/closing party tonight. Just goes to illustrate the unfortunate goings on when lawyers make hay.

Böttgerstraße 16

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