Berlin Restaurant Write Ups In Kreuz & Prenz: Reviews Of The Week

December 20, 2018|Reviews

Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg- Malafritta, Kreuz + Kümmel, Mustafa Gemüse Kebab, Walid Speismeisterei, Arabica, TIP, FAZ, Berliner Zeitung, Berlin Loves You

write upMalafritta, the new-ish fried pizza joint down in Kreuzberg got a write up from TIP Berlin. The new joint which is the sibling of another Neapolitan Pizza shop over in Friedenau impressed the writer with their wares. An interesting addition to the Neapolitan trend. Check it out here.

Kreuz + Kümmel Italian/Indian joint up in Prenzlauer Berg got a nice write up from Berlin Loves You admiring the joints unique style and head chef. Especially intriguing is the modern takes and fusions on the Indian food mixed with European and Italian influences. Check it out here.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab got a feature over at FAZ, because lets face it, if anybody needed more screen time, its that place right? Nevertheless the article tries to explain why the lines waiting for the kebab are so dependable. Check it out here.

Walid Speisemeisterei, one a half year old teutonic joint over in Prenzlauer Berg got somewhat of a long winded love letter Berliner Zeitung. Particularly pleased with the roast duck, highlighting the schnitzel, though its not on the menu at the moment, and appreciating the creme brûlée. But for cryin’ out loud, why regale the reader with the minutia? Nevertheless, a worthy read. Check it out here.

Arabica, the Japanese owned cafe got some love from Mit Vergnügen who appreciated the Italian cuisine at the joint and oddly also were quite fond of some of the meat products at the joint like the home made pork sausages. Surprising to Mr. Eatler because he isn’t used to the meat write ups from Mit Ver. Check it out here.

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