Soy Glazed Beef Patty Korean Burger!! The Daily Dish Is In!!!

December 12, 2018|Awards

Prenzlauer Berg- Salt n’Bone

soy glazedThe Daily Dish is in over in Prenzlauer Berg‘s meat centric gastropub, and much admired Sunday Roast purveyor Salt n’Bone. For today’s Daily Dish we got a contribution to the Berlin burger firmament with the Salt n Bone edition of the Korean Burger. We’re talking Kimchi Mayo, Pickled Red Onions, Kimchi, Coleslaw, & a Fried Egg on a Soy glazed Salt n Bone Signature Beef Patty. This bad boy is on special at 14 bucks a pop, so you may want to hit up the gastropub sooner rather than later. The Daily Dish is in Prenzlauer Berg!!! Go Eat That Now!!!

Schliemannstr. 31

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