Mitte Comfort Food Cafe Changes Address, Expands Dinner Program

December 11, 2018|Gossip, Openings

Mitte- The Klub Kitchen

mitteThe Klub Kitchen, restaurant and cafe that has been located firmly in the Mitte gastro scene for the last three years changed locations this past weekend. Still staying in Mitte, they moved a few blocks south from Mulackstr. down to Almstadtstraße and continue doing their multi cuisine comfort food menu. Even though changing locations can be a tectonic shift for a restaurant, the resto maintained with only a few days out of service and are already taking customers at their new location. Unclear what if anything is going to be going on at their old location, or why exactly they moved, but its nice to see that they are able to continue their work and also expand to dinner hours.

Almstadtstraße 9-11

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