Six Openings, Two Closings, Two Knocked + Up For Grabs: Resto Rundown

December 10, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings

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openingsUdon & Gyoza Store, new joint is popping up for the next couple of months over in Mitte’s Alte Schönhauser Allee.  Read More.

PHO Noodlebar, the popular Vietnamese joint in Mitte has opened a second location in Kreuzberg. Read More.

Pretty Cafe Deli, new aptly named cafe opened up couple of weeks ago down in WilmersdorfRead More.

Gorilla Barbecue, the sibling of the well known Kreuzberg based California style bistro, Big Sur, just opened another rooted location on GraefestrRead More.

Eigengrau, new gastropub just announced the dates for their official opening party down in KreuzbergRead More.

Freunde, new bar opened up over in Charlottenburg just off of Savigny Platz had their official opening party… Read More.


Let It Be, the Neukölln vegan creperie, burger and bar is due to shut its doors next weekend after five years in the game. Read More.

Cafe Endlos, multi cuisine joint that had been a staple on the Kollwitzplatz gastro scene in Prenz for at least the last ten years has somewhat ironically closed up shop. Read More.

Knocked Up

Latest Construction update from Tupac Berlin, the new Peruvian joint currently under wraps down in Kreuzberg. Read More.

26 Shibuya, new Japanese restaurant is knocked up over in one of Prenzlauer Berg’s more famous gastronomy strips, Kastanienallee. Read More.

Up For Grabs

Kreuzberg– Graefestr. joint up for grabs in Prime Kreuzberg real estate. We got 180sqm for a full inventory joint at 3.5k a month for another 12 years on the lease. Key money stands at 180k. Hit up Mr. Eatler for the contact.

Mr. Eatler

Friedrichshain Kürbishütte/Kptn on Simon Dach Str. is up for grabs. Unclear if the joint is still in operation but the location goes at about 280sqm between storage, kitchen and guest space for about 5.5k a month at 50k key money.

Simon Dach Str. 32

Prenzlauer Berg- Cafe am Wasserturm is up for grabs in Prenz, just off of Senefelder Platz. Well established bakery in the area, we got 85sqm at about 2k a month with a 5k deposit. No word on the key money, but they are taking appointments.

Knaackstr. 22

Wilmdersdorf- Ta’im, Israeli restaurant grill that opened up about a little less than a year ago over in Wilmersdorf is up for grabs and to demonstrate the facilities they put out a little youtube tour of the place. We got 40sqm guest space with a full kitchen and 25 head count at 150k key money.

Uhlandstr. 157

If you’re looking for a restaurant, or are looking to unload a restaurant, hit up the Tip Line and let Mr. Eatler know.

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