Barbecue Food Truck Opens Rooted Joint In Kreuz: “Mr. Eatler Sent Me!”

December 6, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Gorilla Barbecue

barbecueGorilla Barbecue, the sibling of the well known Kreuzberg based California style bistro, Big Sur, just opened another rooted location on GraefestrThe original Gorilla Barbecue concept started out as a food truck burger maker, and has since spread roots to a spot over on the Badeschiff. However earlier this week they officially opened their newest branch next door to Big Sur. In honour of the first week of burger slinging they will be giving out a free drink to anyone who utters the words Mr. Eatler Sent Me along with an order of food. They got a Veggie Halloumi, they got the Double Double (double beef, double cheese) among others, as well as an extra bacon and fries option. Utter the words… utter them… Mr. Eatler Sent Me.

Graefestr. 11

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