Gastropub Promises Serious Food Booze Music In Kreuz. Opening Party

December 5, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Eigengrau

gastropubEigengrau, new gastropub just announced the dates for their official opening party down in Kreuzberg. The joint will be opening their doors in a couple of weeks and promise a lot of serious things. Namely “Serious Drinks • Serious Food • Serious Music” The seriousness does indeed seem to come with credentials as the new bar will be sporting a Function One stereo system, which is the premium for any Berlin music hound. As for the food, the seriousness is still unclear, as the deal with the joint’s Barfood concept that gives a gastropub impression is still a little vague. They are opening up on the popular Skalitzerstr. strip that has seen a growth gastronomy over the last year, so without a doubt they will be getting eyes very soon. More on the joint as it develops.

Skalitzer Str. 45

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