Brunch Pop Upper Drops Hints On Their New Shop W/ Mitte Event

December 3, 2018|Gossip, Knocked Up

Mitte- The Store, Das Brunch, Rocket and Basil

brunchRocket & Basil, the cooking, blogging and pop upping duo behind Das Brunch will be mounting their latest edition of their popular pop up at The Store over in Mitte’s Soho House. They take the occasion to let Berlin know that their upcoming restaurant/shop, though still under wraps will indeed be coming soon. There is still some mystery regarding the new joint, at first thought to be called Nima, but will now apparently keep the name Rocket & Basil. However the location is indeed still under wraps, both literally and figuratively, though unconfirmed rumours has it placed near Potsdamer Strasse. The next Das Brunch event will go down later this week, and we are likely to receive some more info on the upcoming project. More as the story develops.

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