Social Justice Yelpie Aims, Shoots, & Sandwich Boards Neukölln Cafe

November 29, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- Home Coffee & Food

social justiceHome, Coffee & Food, the specialty coffee, brunch and home-made cake maker down in Neukölln, was the latest target of a certain kind of Yelpie. The social commentary kind. The shop’s sandwich board was tagged with a lipstick pink message that read “sexist poison” about the board’s message that noted that besides hot chai and hot food, the cafe also has hot baristas. Yesterday morning the opening shift came in to find that some brave social justice warrior was quite dissatisfied with Home’s attempt at humor, albeit a pretty mediocre attempt, but how much can you really do with a sandwich board? They released a statement in response decrying the woke vandal and claim that the offended had really missed the mark: 

We are hot and basically sexy like Poison Ivy. All of us – the team consisting at the moment in 80% of females and equally hot guy. We all here believe in equality and smashing patriarchy, homophobia, racism, transphobia and all the other human inventions feasting on hate and fear of the different. So, stranger your social justice bullet really missed the mark. But we still love you – and thank you for making us laugh on a grim Wednesday morning.

In the words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Words, words, words.

Jonasstraße 23

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