Jobs In Friedrichshain, Mitte & Kreuzberg: Huntler Jobs Report

November 27, 2018|Jobs

Jobs In Friedrichshain, Mitte, Kreuzberg- Michelberger Hotel, Yafo, Shishi, Fechtner

jobsFriedrichshain- Michelberger Hotel is on the hunt for some service/barista people. Full time, Morning Service, Experience. Exciting company doing exciting things. Check it out here.

Mitte- Yafo, popular Israeli resto is looking for a chef experienced in running a kitchen. fast paced resto and demands high volume. The team is young dynamic and predominantly English speaking. Check it out here.

Mitte- Yafo is also on the hunt for a GM. Looking for an ambitious and energetic shift manager. Experience in the field, office skills. Full time. Exciting company and good vibe. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Shishi is on the hunt for a GM. Same deal as their sister restaurant Yafo above. Check it out here.

Mitte- Fechtner the Mitte cafe is on the hunt. They are looking for a chef to take care of and lead the kitchen team (5 days / 40h per week). Experience, 1.9k a month plus tips, German or English. Check it out here.

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