Cocktail Bar From Tip Line Due For Dec. Opening In Prenz.

November 27, 2018|Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- Lamm Bar

cocktail barLamm Bar, new cocktail bar came in through the Tip Line and is due to be imminently emerging in the northern Prenzlauer Berg region. The new shop looks to be along the lines of a gastro-cocktail joint, and comes, at least in part, from some of the same crew as Friedrichshain bar Krass Böse Wolf. At the moment the information on Lamm is still a little soft. They have been Knocked Up since the spring and the word is that they are supposed to be opening in November, though from the tip it seem the birthday will be mid December. Over the last few months they have done numerous events that featured some specialized cocktails focused around various dish ingredients. More on the joint as it becomes available.

Wisbyerstr. 1

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