Openings, Knocked Up, Up For Grabs: Mitte, Neukölln, Kreuz. & More

November 26, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings

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openingsOn the Openings docket Neue Liebe Mirbach, formerly known as Weissensee mainstay Cafe Mirbach opened their doors under new ownership last week. Read More.

Damaskus Konditorei, the now Berlin famous Syrian sweets maker that originally opened up its first shop on Sonnenallee in Neukölln a little over two years ago is moving into chain territory. Read More.

Vimo, new cafe/restaurant opened their doors in the heart of Mitte earlier this week under the tag line Vimo, Reinventing Food. Read More.

Isla Coffee, the popular Neukölln coffee shop and resto that has been in a hybrid under-wraps/soft-opening over the last few weeks is now one step closer to their official. Just this morning they have peeled off the foil from their new Mitte shop. Read More.

Malakeh, new midrange Syrian restaurant opened up down in Schöneberg a few weeks back at the hands of a former celebrity chef and television personality from Syria. Read More.

The Castle, The beloved Mitte based beer establishment celebrated their opening party this past weekend. The new location is their second in town. Read More.

Cell, the new St. Petersburg born fine dining restaurant that opened their doors in Charlottenburg a couple of weeks ago had their official press night event last night. Read More.

Knocked Up

Construction pictures emerge on the mysterious YUUMI Yoshoku Restaurant that up until recently had only been a vague notion of a possible Yoshoku shop in town. Read More.

AERA Bread, the up and coming Instagram Influencer owned gluten free bakery is moving forward with the opening proceedings. Read More.

Tatas, popular Waffle Ice Cream purveyors are settling down on a rooted location in Kreuzberg. The seller has been active on the street food/Markthalle 9. Read More.

Up For Grabs

Neukölln– Meuh Caffeteria is up for grabs down in Neukölln. The real estate comes with a commercial grade kitchen stands at around 80sqm for rent at 1.3k a month at 95k key money and see like all inventory included.

Reuterstrasse 13

Kreuzberg- Interesting offer for Sauer Mutter, established Kreuzberg bar is selling a 40% share in the ownership of the joint for a healthy 50k. Unclear exactly what the deal is, if its 50k that gets you a silent partnership, or if you actually need to work in the joint.

Forsterstr 46

Friedrichshain Kürbishütte/Kptn on Simon Dach Str. is up for grabs. Unclear if the joint is still in operation but the location goes at about 280sqm between storage, kitchen and guest space for about 5.5k a month at 50k key money.

Simon Dach Str. 32

Prenzlauer Berg– Asin Asian fusion joint and cocktail lounge is up for grabs over on one Prenzlberg’s more desirable strips, Oderbergerstr. The joint stands at about 230sqm for about 5k a month. Unclear exactly what the key money is, or how much of the inventory comes with the place. But considering the real estate is on the more desirable end of the spectrum, it may be worth the investment.

Oderbergerstr. 11


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