Shoyu Tare w/ Chashu Pork Belly! The Daily Dish Is In!!!

November 22, 2018|Awards

Charlottenburg- NGO KIM PAK

shoyu tareThe Daily Dish is in over at NGO KIM PAK, the newest member of the KanstrassenMafia in Charlottenburg. The newly opened joint is coming out of the gate hard with today’s Daily Dish, the Chicken Stock Shoyu Tare, using a soy sauce blend along with a Chashu Sous Vide Pork Belly, Bio Egg & Scallion with some fresh Ramen Noodles made at sister restaurant Cocolo Ramen. Ngokimpak opened their doors only this past weekend, but when it comes to the family, the operations are tight. Besides the Shoyu Tare, we got an Odeng Fish Cake, or Salt and Pepper Chicken Gua Bao among others on the offer. The Daily Dish is in Charlottenburg! Go Eat That Now!

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