Review Rundown: Craft Beer Nerds, Jerusalem, Gin Joints & More

November 21, 2018|Reviews

Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Mitte- Na Num, Beavis Bar, Prism, Layla, Dolden Mädel

reviewKreuzbergNa Num, the Korean restaurant and ceramics shop got an elegant review over at TIP. The joint opened up a few months back and has already had some critical love, and this time around was no exception. The critic was particularly fond of some of the fermented elements on the menu. Check it out here.

MitteBeavis Bar, relatively new crafts spirits tasting bar opened up this past summer in Mitte and got a write up from TIP. An enthusiastic blurb on the joint that offers a variety of interesting tastings. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg/Charlottenburg– New restaurants Prism and Layla got a double feature of sorts on Morgenpost under the banner of “Where Berlin Tastes Like Jerusalem” which is a catchy enough title, but as far as Mr. Eatler understands the real cosmopolitan flavour is centred more in Tel Aviv? An interesting read nonetheless. Check it out here.

KreuzbergDolden Mädel, the three year old Kreuzberg craft beer garden, got an enthusiastic write up from Berliner Zeitung who were thrilled with the non-overwhelming “craft-beer-nerd service,” as well as solid offering of Teutonic cuisine. Check it out here.

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