Openings Rundown: What Opened, What Will Open, & What’s Up For Grabs

November 19, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings

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openingsCafe Dodo, new Israeli owned cafe in Prenzlauer Berg opened up their doors last week. The deal with the joint that was in gestation for the last few months… Read more

Vincent Vegan, Hamburg based vegan burger joint made their first inroads into the Berlin market in Friedrichshain. A couple of weeks ago Vincent Vegan opened up at the East Side Mall… Read more

Tex Mex, an aptly named midrange casual restaurant opened their doors a couple of weeks back over in Charlottenburg. The deal with the joint… Read more

Swing Kitchen, Viennese vegan burger chain that has been making hard moves into the Berlin market are moving forward with the launch of two new shops in town… Read more

Cell, the new St. Petersburg born fine dining restaurant that opened their doors in Charlottenburg a couple of weeks ago is moving forward with opening proceedings… Read more

Prism, a new Levantine molecular cuisine joint that opened their doors last week after a long gestation period had their official opening party this past weekend in CharlottenburgRead more

Barra, new resto down in Neukölln that is going into their softy later this week celebrated a friends and family event this past weekend… Read more

House Of Small Wonder,* the Mitte cafe that is as famous for their stair case as they are for their Eggs Benny are moving into a new market… Read more

Knocked Up

Neue Liebe Mirbach, formerly known as Weisensee mainstay Cafe Mirbach is planning to reopen their doors after about a month out of the game… Read more

Lichtenberg- Tip Line just revealed some news about a rumour floating around about a new Japanese joint by the name of YUUMI Yoshoku RestaurantRead more

Bräugier, Berlin based craft beer brewer is in the early stages of work on brick and mortar shop in Prenzlauer Berg. Indeed it does not give the impression of being straightforward beer shop… Read more

Coming in from the Tip Line we got another Korean joint that is going to be opening up over at the Birdhouse Imbiss in WeddingRead more

Up For Grabs

Kreuzberg- Its a Bar is up for grabs just off of Görlitzer park. Not too much info on the joint but its a straight up bar, no kitchen it seems, for sale at 80k. No info on size, or whether you’re just buying the contract or the actual real estate. But its a good looking bar. Check it out here.

Friedrichshain- Weinkehr is up for grabs over in Friedrichshain. We got 60k key money for a about 70sqm at about 1.4k a month. Full inventory on the offer with a full kitchen and stocked bar. Situated between Revalerstr. and Frankfurterallee. Check it out here.

Neukölln- Mia Bäckerei is up for grabs down on the corner of Mariendorf / Buckow. Pretty standard looking bakery, but the resto is being decidedly coy about what the deal is. No price, no size, no inventory. But the price is negotiable. Mr. Eatler would hope so. Check it out here.

Steglitz- Trattoria Siciliana is up for grabs down in Steglitz. Full mid range resto inventory is available for 135k key money. Its about 220sqm at about 2.5k a month. Large kitchen, terrace, fully stocked. Check it out here.

If you are looking to buy a resto or are looking to sell a resto hit up Mr. Eatler at and let him know.

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