Homemade Pasta, Goonies Film Club, Thanksgiving: Events Of The Week

November 19, 2018|Events

Wedding, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg, Mariendorf- Spazio, Mini Wine Bar, Yuzu Ramen, Layla, Salt n’ Bone, Stone Brewing

homemade pastaToday in Wedding we got Spazio, the Italian cafe and art space celebrating their one year anniversary since opening. They’re going to be doing a one week long Homemade Pasta Week event with a plate of homemade pasta and a glass of wine for about ten bucks. Check it out here.

On Tuesday down in Kreuzberg we got Mini Wine Bar doing their bi-monthly film and supper club in which they feature a new menu based on the film they are screening. For this event they will be showing the 1980s iconic film, The Goonies. Members only, but you can become one, so check it out here.

On Wednesday we got the opening party for Yuzu Ramen over in Bikini Berlin food court Kantini in Charlottenburg. This new ramen shop comes from the same crew that has been developing their Sons of Mana chain as well as Royals and Rice, among others. Check it out here.

Since Berlin has indeed become like the lost borough of NY, there are a plethora of Thanksgiving events going down on Thursday.

In Kreuzberg we got the new Israeli resto, Layla doing an event. Why? In typical fashion the answer to that one seems to be, why not. Check it out here.

In Prenzlauer Berg we got one of the leading American style gastropubs hitting up their roasting techniques for an event at Salt n’ Bone. Check it out here.

In Mariendorf you got the mega brewing factory, Stone Brewing holding a Thanksgiving event that will feature and All-You-Can-Eat Thanksgiving Buffet complete with honey-roasted turkey, grilled potato, brussels sprout salad and pumpkin pie and apple pie. Booze, and oh yeah, they will be screening some American football games. Check it out here.

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