Weissensee Mainstay Restaurant Gets ReBranded By Prenz Cafe Owner

November 16, 2018|Knocked Up

Weissensee- Neue Liebe Mirbach

weisenseeNeue Liebe Mirbach, formerly known as Weissensee mainstay Cafe Mirbach is planning to reopen their doors after about a month out of the game. The deal with the joint is that they are a midrange resto that used to offer classic Berlin/German cuisine, but are now changing up the offer to include a more modern international menu, and broader wine list as well as a complete gutted overhaul of the dining room. This latest iteration of the restaurant comes from new ownership who are Berlin gastronomy veterans and owners of well known Prenz. restaurant Frau Mittenmang. The word is that they will have a re-opening party next weekend with flying versions of the menu. More on the story as it develops.

Behaimstrasse 64

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  1. please at least spell WEISSENSEE correctly – as this Cafe is an old populat local Café in town.Thanks!

    1. thanks Bettina, sorry for the typo

    2. also, is populat a new spelling for the word popular?

  2. Frau Mittenmang is a restaurant, not a Café…

    1. thanks for the correction

  3. sorry for populat :-))) I will be happy coming to Weisensee to my old Cafe under new Ownership!

    1. Thanks for reading 😉 and for the corrections!!

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