Macha, Cordo, Dim Sum & Gault Millau: Weekly Review Rundown

November 14, 2018|Reviews

Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg- Macha Macha, Cordo, Shishi, The Flying Monkey, Prism

machaKreuzberg- Macha Macha, the newly re-opened Japanese Tea House got a write up from TIP who highlighted some of their new additions to the menu. No longer strictly dealing with the liquid fare Macha offers some solid kitchen cuisine, from savoury to sweet. Check it out here.

Mitte- Cordo, the re-opened resto got a write up from Morgenpost describing the new concept of the joint after shutting down and reopening. Basically the post describes the new kitchen concept as well as the desired not to serve drunks anymore, hence the abandonment of the Bar from the CordoBar name. Check the post out here.

Kreuzberg- Shishi, the new-ish Israeli resto from the same owner of Mitte’s Yafo got a full feature in Mit Vergnügen that shined a light on the charming restaurateur, Shani Ahiel. The post went on to describe what are the hopes for the newer shop, and what is different about the Shishi experience from the Yafo experience. Essentially a more mature establishment with more emphases on a developed menu concept. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- The Flying Monkey, a two year old Cantonese Dim Sum joint on Kastanienallee got some love from Mit Vergnügen, but for some odd reason the writer or the resto decided to dub the genre as Chinese Tapas. A love letter to the joint all around, but it does seem that Tapas has become a ubiquitous byword. How silly it would be for a Tapas joint to be called a Spanish Dim Sum restaurant. Wait a moment, could it be? Has Mr. Eatler just come up with the concept of the year?! Check out the post here.

CharlottenburgPrism, the newly opened Levantine molecular joint got a love letter from Falstaff. From the food to the wine to the atmosphere and to the overall concept, the writer found himself utterly enamoured with the new iteration of the former Glass resto from the same head chef. Check out the full post here.

Morgenpost ran a number on the recent Gault Millau Guide, featuring some of the awardees. More than anything it makes Mr. Eatler scratch an antler. Besides the restaurants that were awarded, who cares? Really, Mr. Eatler would like to know, if you care and you think Mr. Eatler should too, please hit up the TIP Line and let Mr. E know what you think. Check out the full Morgenpost article here.

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