Famous Mitte Cafe Moves Into Dinner Territory With Soft Opening

November 13, 2018|Gossip

Mitte- House Of Small Wonder

famousHouse Of Small Wonder,* the Mitte cafe that is as famous for their stair case as they are for their Eggs Benny are moving into a new market. Currently the joint is open on a “Standard-Plus” Berlin schedule. “Plus” because they are seven days a week, “Standard” because they are a Nine to Fiver. However the good word is that the cafe is moving into dinner territory coming up in the next couple of weeks with a soft opening. As you may know, the lines leading into the cafe of Instagram fame are legendary due to their no reservation policy, however the latest word has it that for the dinner hours they will indeed be open for reservations. As for the menu, it slated to be something totally different from their current day time menu. More to come as the story develops. Check it out here

Johannisstr. 20

*Proper disclosure, the cafe in question is owned by Mr. Eatler’s asshole brother.

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