Deep Fried Plum Sauce Chicken Katsu: The Daily Dish Is In!!!

November 12, 2018|Awards

Friedrichshain- Ramen x Ramen

deepThe Daily Dish is in over at Friedrichshain’s new-ish Ramen shop that opened up this past winter. Indeed it comes from the aptly named Ramen x Ramen. Though the name would make one think that they are limited in offering to a selection of Ramen, however one would be grossly mistaken. Indeed todays daily dish has not an Ounce, or shall we say a Milliliter of soupiness about it. For today’s Daily Dish we got the classic Chicken Katsu Don which features a battered and deep fried chicken breast over a bed of white rice with plum sauce at 9 bucks a pop. Besides the ramen, the joint has a wide variety of non liquid offerings. Go Eat That Now!

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