Pakistani Street Food Is In For The Daily Dish In Kreuzberg!!

November 9, 2018|Awards

Kreuzberg- The Panda Noodle, Mama Shabz

pakistani street foodThe Daily Dish is in over at The Panda Noodle who is playing host to the anticipated Mama Shabz popup this weekend. Since it is the weekend after all and the Daily Dishes have generally relegated themselves to the weekdays, the time is nigh for a weekend dish. Coming up on Sunday the daily dish is going to be the Gol Guppe, a popular Pakistani street food which is a deep fried stuffed dough croquette of sorts. Alongside the Gol Guppe they will also serve Nihari, a national Pakistani dish of spiced lamb shank stew. Ressies recommended on this as in most of Mama Shabz’s events. Go Eat That Sunday!!!

Lausitzer Platz 12

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