Fried Chicken And Beer Korean Style Opening In Prenzlauer Berg

November 9, 2018|Openings

Prenzlauer Berg- KOKIO, Fried Chicken And Beer

fried chicken and beerKOKIO, new Korean joint over in Prenz. is having their opening party later tonight. They have been in the softy for a few weeks after a long gestation period. They are coming along in a rash of new Korean joints in town. For KOKIO it will be about Korean Fried Chicken and Beer, which according to their bio is part of Korea’s national dining & drinking culture. So much part of their culture that Chicken & Beer indeed have a TomCat/BrAngelina type moniker called: Chimaek. The event will naturally include Fried Chicken and Beer, as well as a live performance. This is the fourth Korean style joint Eatler has covered this week with one more in the chamber. Indeed the cuisine is carving out a niche for itself in town. Whether fried chicken or bbq, Mr. Eatler is happy with the trend.

Hagenauer Str. 9

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