Candid Shot Reveals The Calm Before The Storm At Prism Opening

November 8, 2018|Openings

Charlottenburg- Prism


©Italy Novik

The countdown clock is coming to an end as we are in the last hour of waiting for the opening of Prism, the molecular cuisine joint in Charlottenburg. This will mark the return of Israeli chef Gal Ben Moshe to the scene after being away all summer since he closed down his restaurant Glass. The opening party will go down this weekend, however tonight is the first night of operation for the new joint that has already been written up in some of the higher end journals in town. They have provided Eatler with a candid shot of the calm before the storm. Prism is the natural evolution of Ben Moshe’s career trajectory, continuing in the molecular Levantine and Arabic cuisine tradition, representing a genuinely unique product here in Berlin. Continuing coverage on the opening rollout to come.

Fritschestraße 48

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