Bibimbap Hotpot Imbiss Finds Home At Schöneberg Cafe

November 8, 2018|DishLer

Kreuzberg- Luftbrücke Cafe, Bibimbiss

bibimbapLuftbrücke Cafe, the six year old cafe down on the Kreuzberg/Schöneberg boarder is linking up with Bibimbiss for a weekly Korean hotpot hosting. Bibimbiss, a Korean imbiss with an emphasis on bibimbap, a Korean style stone pot dish had been running out of Luftbrücke Park for a little over a year. However they have found themselves at least a partial home over at Luftbrücke Cafe every Saturday for the foreseeable future. They are going to be starting their operations over at their new digs this coming weekend in an event called Korean Saturdays at Luftbrücke Cafe.

Manfred-von-Richthofen-Str. 18

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