Popular Neukölln Coffee Shop Opens Mitte Satellite w/ Kitchen Showroom

November 5, 2018|Openings

Mitte- Isla Coffee, Reform

popular neukölln coffee shopIsla Coffee, the popular Neukölln coffee shop and resto is currently in the softy on a new Mitte branch. The original joint down on Hermannstr. is one of the more popular cafes in the region and does a variety of cafe fare. The new joint which opened up lat last month is on Rosa-Luxemburgstr. and is more of a strait forward cafe with some pastry selection from the most popular current baker, Albatross. However they promise that if you are into more of a legit brunch, the Neukölln location is still providing. The location actually is a collaboration and doubles as a sort of showroom for an international kitchen designer, Reform.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 23.

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