KaDeWe Pulls Another Popular East Berlin Resto For Food Court Remake

November 5, 2018|Knocked Up

Schöneberg- Daluma, KaDeWe

kadeweDaluma, the Mitte based bowl joint offering “super food” to the Berlin public is spreading their wings and opening a satellite over on the other side of town. Its going to be a location over at the famous department store food court, KaDeWe. The department store has indeed attracted some of the more popular midrange joints to their food court in an effort to revitelize their food scene. Daluma will join the ranks of restaurants like BRLO Chicken & Beer as well as the popular hummus makers, Kanaan who are do to open their joint on the 1st of December. Unclear exactly when opening day for Daluma will be, but as they are starting their own media machine rolling, it is likely to be sometime before the Christmas rush. More on the new location as it develops.

Tauentzienstraße 21-24

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