Grilled Rice Cabbage & Leek Tofu Burger- The Daily Dish Is In!!!

November 5, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- Macha Macha

grilled riceThe Daily Dish is in over at Macha Macha, four year old Japanese tea house that took the better part of this past year to re-build and create a new concept. They opened up to a soft opening about two months ago and since then have hardened into the official. For today’s daily dish we got a very special Fresh Rice Burger. Crispy Grilled Rice filled with Shredded Cabbage & Leek, w/ Marinated Tofu, Nori, Pickles, Sprout, w/ Homemade Sauce and Mayonnaise. Though they are still a Tea based joint with a Macha focus, though they are doing a whole lot more than the tea and the pastries they had done before.

Hasenheide 16

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