Diwali Week, Pulled Pork Thursday & More: Events Of The Week

November 5, 2018|Events

Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln- Chutnify, Motif Wein, Birra-Italian Craft Beer, Brauhaus Neulich, Han West, Salt n’ Bone, Berlino Magazine

diwali weekPrenzlauer Berg- Chutnify the Prenzlauer Berg Indian joint is kicking off their Diwali week tonight, They are prepping for the winter weather with Crispy, Battered Okra Fries, Paneer Pakoras and seasonally stewed Venison Vindaloo! Check it out here.

Neukölln- Motif Wein is holding a Taiwanese Pop Up coming up on Wednesday. The word on the street is that they got some soup dumplings on the offer. They recommend ressies, but don’t really offer much by way of pricing or menu. Your call. Check it out here.

And another one that is going down at Motif Wein in Neukölln who are hosting a Georgian Take Over on Thursday. They are hosting a gang of Georgian wine makers who will be bringing some of their wares. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Birra-Italian Craft Beer over in Prenz. are hosting a Pulled Pork Thursday event along with their compatriates, Berlino Magazine. The pulled pork will be provided by Prenz. gastropub of lore, Salt n’ Bone. Check it out here.

Neukölln- Brauhaus Neulich and Han West are linking up on Friday for a Beer and Dumpling event. Three different variants of handmade dumplings, vegan, vegetarian and traditional meat-filled dumplings, home-brewed beers.  Dumplings are served until 23:00. Check it out here.

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