Israeli Resto Celebrates Official Opening Night In Kreuzberg

November 2, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Layla

israeli restoLayla, the new Kreuzberg based Israeli resto that has had a summer long gestation and a few week long softy phase has at long last celebrated their official opening last night. The event was very well attended, with many of the Berlin gastro-class taking part in the festivities. Word has it from some of Eatler’s spies that the food is a solid modern representation of Israeli Mediterranean cuisine with Yemeni and Moroccan influences. The critiques have already started to spread the word on the heavily PR’d joint, with numerous write ups in town. Yet almost all complain of one particular issue, the location. A relative no man’s land in terms of Berlin gastronomy and night life, situated in the midst of a hotel district.

Hallesche Straße 10

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